Scribe video: Vinmonopolet case study

Vinmonopolet is the Norwegian national alcoholic beverage retailer and the only company that is allowed to sell beverages containing alcohol higher than 4.75% in Norway. They have quite a complex purchasing process and a wide product range, which is challenging to communicate in a simple and efficient way. They wanted to see if a video scribe could do the job.

After setting the scope for the project, we recommended making two Zoaring Show-its — one to describe the purchasing process and one to explain the different product ranges. We worked closely with Vinmonopolet to tune the content, and they contributed with great ideas for the script.

The main target group for these videos were newly hired employees. Therefore, the content had to be on understandable for people with little knowledge of the subject. As a result, Vinmonopolet received two short scribe videos that were used internally and externally.

On Facebook, each of the videos got around 10,000 views on average. Check out the video describing the purchasing process above or both videos at the Vinmonopolet Facebook page.